The Push of a Button: Richmond Alarm Receives ASAP to PSAP Designation

CEO Brian Vanderheyden commented, “We work in an industry where seconds matter. Saving minutes off the clock of a 911 call saves lives.”

    RICHMOND, VA, June 25, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Today, Richmond Alarm proudly announced they have received their ASAP designation by The Monitoring Association.

“It’s like having a 911 operator sitting in our monitoring center,” explains Richmond Alarm Chief Technologist Wayne Boggs.

ASAP, the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) is a public-private partnership designed to increase the efficiency and reliability of emergency electronic signals from monitoring companies to Public Safety Answering Points (commonly known as 911 operators). The computerized system enables monitoring stations to automatically communicate with emergency responder services free of verbal miscues, while automating verification. The Monitoring Association estimates the program cuts anywhere from 2-5 minutes off emergency responses to 911 calls.

CEO Brian Vanderheyden commented, “Richmond Alarm is proud to have participated in expanding the ASAP to PSAP program across Virginia and is proud to have this amazing innovation available to our customers. We work in an industry where seconds matter. Saving minutes off the clock of a 911 call saves lives.”

With the only 5 Diamond rated monitoring station in Central Virginia and a 60% faster response rate to emergency calls than industry standard, it’s unsurprising to discover Richmond Alarm was also a charter member of the ASAP to PSAP development team.

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About Richmond Alarm[2]

For the last 70 years, Virginia has depended on Richmond Alarm to protect families, property and businesses in the knowledge that “local equals accountability.” Possessing the only 5 Diamond Certified Central Monitoring Station in Central Virginia, Richmond Alarm’s 25,000 customers enjoy 60% faster response times than the security industry standard. Richmond Alarm is a long-standing member on the coveted SDM 100, the industry ranking for the top security companies in the United States and enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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